Hello! We’re a Tumbaki Tobacco Company near Istanbul city that focuses on producing flavored & Premium Hookah Tobacco


  • + History of Hookah (Shisha)

    The history of shisha (hookah) can be traced back to India or Persia as far back as the 16th century, the very early version of it was based on a coconut shell. They started to produce alternative tobacco by using coconuts. Probably, they would follow simple steps/processes to obtain a substitute/stand-in product. The initial step was to punch two holes in the coconut with the intention of extracting the mill in the interior of the pulp, preceded by replacing the rubber tube with a bamboo stick and finally using burnt clay to place the tobacco on. Ultimately, shisha was created and considered to be the invention of the century. The name was this innovative creation was called “Gouza”, and from the past to now evolved into the concept of “Shisha” today.

    Flavored tobacco smoke through water to cool and purify it fastly expended to many countries from different continents. The current design of the shisha pipe has perfected in Turkey a few centuries ago by changing time by time until now. Smoking shisha is relaxing and socialization. It allows one time to think; it creates a moment for relaxed cogitation.

    The tobacco of Hookah (shisha) is unique: it is completely different than cigarettes. It’s made from a blend of flavors (fruity, candy, milky) and fresh-cut clean tobacco leaves. The water in the Shisha bottle cools and filters the smoke, making it smooth and light(although, as in all forms of smoking can be harmful). Adding some ice cubes makes the water cooler to make your hookah more flavorful. Technology still keeps processing and we as TUMBAKI Premium Hookah Tobacco, use our technology to produce various flavors with less nicotine to assure our customers that we keep their best interests at heart.

    The essential of shisha is to keep pipes spotlessly clean and change the water for every use. When you smoke shisha, you are not only enjoying the bold and long-lasting flavor, but you are also paying homage to a centuries-old tradition whereby the enjoyment of quality flavored tobacco is deeply entrenched in an atmosphere of elegance, relaxation, and socialization.



  • + Hookah Care

    Fill the glass vase of the hookah with water (cold water recommended). Be sure that you do not fill it with too much water, the level of water should reach ½ inch above the bottom of the metal tube. The tube should be submerged in water. Stainless steel tube should be placed long over the glass or crystal base. Make sure it fits snugly and is airtight. There should be a rubber stopper between the glass or Crystal vase and a metal centerpiece.

    A circular tray should be placed on the top of the hookah metal pipe. Place the hose into the metal mid-section once again with the plastic grommet making sure the connection is air-tight.

    Make sure that your setup is airtight by placing your hand on the top of the hookah’s bowl and then sucking in through the hose. If all is okay, then you should feel a pull at your hand and see bubbles in the water. If either of these two points does not happen, that means in all likelihood, you have air escaping from a part. Carefully check to find the source.

    If your setup is airtight, you can place some soaked tobacco in the bowl, making sure it’s level with the rim of the clay bowl. Need to be sure that, you sprinkle the tobacco versus packing it in so that the airflow is not restricted. Also, do not let the tobacco reach over the bowl or overflow. You should place the foil over the top of the bowl to decrease the harshness.

    You can cut a round or square piece of foil about twice the diameter of the bowl and place it over the bowl to make sure that it is flat and airtight. Take a toothpick or sharp object and punch tiny holes all along the top.

    Now time to light charcoal. Make sure you hold the charcoal with the hookah clamps provided. You can place charcoal on top of the foil. To have longer smoke, place charcoal on the edge of the bowl and work it around the outside. The center of the bowl should not be touched.

    Slowly and gently pressing down on the charcoal, suck in using a mouthpiece. You should notice smoke building up inside the glass vase after a few puffs, you should feel the taste of the Tumbaki Premium Hookah tobacco in your mouth. Please be patient and let the charcoal heat the tobacco.


    Enjoy your Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco, experience new style, and follow your flavor…


  • Q : Instead of not having strong smoke, what should be wrong with ?

    There may be many reasons. Please be sure that your setup is airtight, or check the holes of the foil. When the foil is placed over the hookah bowl, please be sure the shiny side is facing down, so it will help to retain more heat from the charcoal.

  • Q : If the smoke is harsh, what can be wrong ?
    • There can be two reasons, the first probability is that your tobacco burned, and the second probability is that you use too much or large charcoal and it stops the holes, please check your tobacco, if it is still fresh, change your charcoal and open more holes on the foil if you do not have enough.
  • Q : How often hookah should be cleaned ?

    It should be cleaned after every use. Very important to clean it right after smoking and not before your next smoke.

  • Q : What kind of coal should I buy?

    Generally, two types of coals are used. The first type is fast burning and the second type is natural. As we can understand from the name of it; Fast burning coals are made to often add unwanted flavors to the tobacco and cost more. The natural coals take a longer time to light up but burn faster. Also, they are cheaper than fast-burning coals.

  • Q : What size bowl should be used?

    It mostly depends on the type of hookah that you use. Small hookahs can not handle large bowls and small bowls might not fit on large-size hookahs. For sure size of the bowl changes the amount of smoke you get from the hookah. Small bowls generally give more smoke but burn faster. Large bowls generally give less smoke and burn longer (Of course for large hookah you should use more tobacco and coal)

  • Q : How effective is using pre-holed metal cover for the tobacco bowl ?

    Certainly not suggesting. It let too much oxygen in and absorbs a large amount of the coal’s heat. Besides these points, it does not transfer the heat well.