We offer you an amazing hookah-smoking experience with natural, stem free tobacco plants sure to fit and satisfy best of tastes.

Smoke Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco and follow your flavor…


The process starts with the highest quality tobacco selecting tobacco leaves is the foundation necessary to produce TUMBAKI’S PREMIUM HOOKAH TOBACCO. Our skilled experts demand quality ingredients from beginning to end to ensure your experience exceeds expectations and satisfies even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts. Therefore, Tumbaki is made from the highest quality Virginia tobacco leaves which grow in Europe.


Quality is our motto; therefore we have taken a direct hands-on approach to all points of tobacco production.  The ingredients of TUMBAKI TOBACCO are food grade and edible with the exception of tobacco leaf. We do our best to not use dyes or colors in our casing and have processed our tobacco to keep fresh without the use of any preservatives.


Having Long term feasibility studies, we have learned the most important points of hookah tobacco production.  Mixing the right amount of casing to small buckets of tobacco leaf is one of the trick points, and then we allow the mixture to ferment until its ready.  When tobacco has changed to a mildly brown color from its original lemon color, tobacco is exactly ready and smokable!

Although we use our production line to produce TUMBAKI premium hookah tobacco, for sure we develop our tobacco in the lab completely hands-on for making and testing small samples.


After having long studies, our R&D team create samples, notes, and make adjustments for a long time in a few very difficult flavors over a year. We just stop in case of everyone exactly like and comment as the flavor is perfect. To make final adjustments prior to being approved for production, we send samples to the trusted and experienced of the hookah community to provide feedback from the market.  We value feedback, cause it helps us to find inspiration in unexpected places. Here we are to offer you the best flavors and the highest quality, because we use food-grade aroma. We will blow your mind with the taste of Tumbaki Premium Hookah Tobacco.